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My Malaysia Trip – Learn how to travel for less money

When it comes to travel, we talk about traveling. Our first foreign trip started from Malaysia, it was only 6 months since we made our passport and we got the chance to go to Malaysia which we never thought of. Yes, my friends always used to say to my family members, friend, I will definitely go out of India once in my life, in the same way, there are many beautiful places in our country to visit but to see another country once. If I had a heart | then I wanted to be acquainted with the streets, living, eating and eating as soon as I got a chance.

Now everyone knows that we are connected with a group of strollers, where one of the greatest strollers live, it is natural that the guide line was taken from them to go here and told their friend that we were once If you want to go out of India, then you would not have said that your wish will be fulfilled as soon as you ask for it. But the condition was that you have to travel within 30 thousand and this also happened with the help and information of a friend.One thing we have tried in life when something is going on in our heart or mind. I wish it happens God hears it quickly…. but we have to try. That means we are karma. It is said that it is very important to do work along with prayer. Anyway, the life of us humans is full of rituals.

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First you must have the ability to make immediate decisions. As soon as we received news that Malaysia tickets from Jaipur to Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia – Go Tickets 6 Night 7 Day 8000 Staying, so book your tickets as soon as you can, the ticket prices could have been more expensive. so our tickets were 6 months ago in February, now we don’t know if we can go or not but yes 8000 bet we done played cause if you don’t go you ain’t gonna get a rupee back

Pay special attention to the second thing you have to carry a bag of 7 kg in this offer ticket with your clothes, footwear, etc means give up the idea of fashion which is very important.

Now you think that if a woman did not get to go abroad and do photo sensation properly, how much we would have to convince ourselves by putting a 100 kg stone on our heart. Well, no matter what, Shalini is the bird, our flight. Where are we to stop behind all these, we wanted to fly so we took it even if we could not get the wings punished, what happened? But the memories of a beautiful journey have been safe in the heart and mind for life, what about the photo, what about fashion, we can complete it even by roaming in India.  The issue was to roam here in low budget, so it was better to leave everything. Ohhhh….. I’m so mad you all have to give tips on cheap trips and say we started talking about our flight…. What to do your Yayawar is a little crazy, isn’t it? Where does my wandering take me from? To all of you.

Malaysia Trip

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अब काम की बात So we got our tickets 6 months ago for 8000 and when we went in February it costed 12000 thousand more and yes visa 2000 total from our city Chhindwara mp to return home 25 Done traveling Malaysia in thousand and the best thing is that it didn’t cost that much money at once because after getting tickets 6 months ago you had enough time to save money to go | Malaysia after tickets If it cost us only 12 thousand rupees to visit three cities, then how is it?

ये भी जान लीजिए Before reaching Kuala-Lumpur, you have to book hostels in advance which you can find very cheaply. You can search in Google. Let me tell you one more thing about this city here. Afterwards you don’t have to spend a single penny for transport to travel the whole city because there is free bus service for every corner of the city so you’ll only have to pay for the stop and eat.

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Now you will go to Pinang city after traveling here which is almost 9 hours route from here by bus, but it will cost you money to get here  Bole to bus service going here is very cool  There is a street called Love Line in Pinang. It is better to stay there because the evening and nights are very interesting here friends. And in this street you will find the best hostels with low budget.

forgot to tell you one thing. Even though there is free bus service, this city is a city that makes the streets ash, means keep walking…… while walking, I was remembering this song, a lonely city in the night and in the afternoon, roaming around the streets She goes around

You can google what you have to see in both cities… Now preparing to go to the third city from Pinang which we found the most beautiful Lanka V Island which is the sea way or by flight so you can go to your own Can choose by choice. We went to the sea route which took 8 hours. Flight can be reached in one hour. When we are on the journey, then why not enjoy it. Let the journey go. Instead of those two cities, we stayed here for the most days, two nights and three days because there was a lot to visit here and this was our last stop, we also returned from this to our country, but the beauty here was saying, don’t be so early. Go back and stay my yayawar stray friend.

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एक बात ध्यान देना Nothing was free here to travel either you take a taxi or a two wheeler with fixed amount so we had scooty to visit the island on the first day and the taxi on the second day was the reason we got a very high fever, Probably got fever due to drinking cold water and roaming in the sun all day, couldn’t sleep the whole night, fever was so high that I couldn’t even bath in the sea the other day.

खाना में सावधानी If you are a vegetarian you have to pay special attention to the food here even if you ask for veg fry rice, you put a lot of chickens in it, maybe they think that with chicken we need veg in rice. Yeeeeeeeeeee We understood the thing because when they were making it, our eyes were on the same place because we had doubt on how they made it….. Then we went and said to them No non veg fried rice only vegetarian fried rice plz but still then They didn’t understand that they cut chicken into pieces and started frying rice again, then we said shall we help you to make it, they called us in their kitchen, then we kept telling them how to make it, and make it. We also went with them | then what was our vegetarian rice ready but the amount we made was less, then we told them to make more like this, so we didn’t need to go again  One thing I will say, they are very beautiful between here and the water color in each middle is different. One more thing, you will find Indian food in Lanka V Island comfortably.If you want to take anything else like juice, beer, bread, butter, biscuits, coffee, milk etc, etc. then (7 11) there is a store everywhere maybe not in our India, there is a lot of everything to you You will get cheaper because everything is tax free there.

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