Pondicherry – India’s Mini France


The perfect fusion of the South Indian taste with the sweetness of French Chic, Pondicherry is sure to take you to the dreamland of colours and beauty. The destination with the international touch in India is an alluring beauty with a rich culture and neo-classical architecture.

Once a French Colony, which was famous for its coastal location and spices, the city is now a place that allows the locals to dive into the French tradition to some extent. The small romantic streets and the buildings with the French architecture feel like a fairytale on any day.

The little town is jewelled with charming mini Notre-dam and the palm trees. The beautifully hued pink-blue sky and the soothing breeze along the seaside are the ones with unique places to visit and explore. A short trip during the vacation to Pondicherry will lift your soul and heart.

Explore the Places

Before you plan your trip to Pondicherry, let us first explore the cities and unravel the magnificent places that it holds for you to explore. A city that takes you to a short trip of French aesthetics with the tickling taste of India, and people so warm and welcoming is flabbergasting to visit.

The best places to traverse in the city are:


The peaceful and tranquil paradise located just a few kilometres from the city is a township to explore the immense power of human unity. With the Matamandir standing at the centre, the place carries serene peace.

Book your passes a day earlier for visiting this place.

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Aurobindo Ashram

Feel the spiritual power and peacefulness at this beautiful ashram. Decorated with the plants on either side with beautiful entrance doors, this pace is for meditation. So, experience the silence and meditate to explore the power within.

Shri Manakula Vinayagar Temple

The most popular tourist attraction of Pondicherry is this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Lakshmi, the temple elephant, is the start highlight of the temple. If you wish to get blessings in the form of a tap on the head from Lakshmi, offer her a coin on your palm which she can pick and handover to the mahout, in return of the tap.

The Promenade: Rock Beach and the Gandhi Statue

Stretching up to 1.2kms, this rock beach starts from the War Memorial to Dupleix Park. With the statue of Gandhiji in the centre surrounded by enormous eight pillars, this place hosts various cultural and musical activities. The best part is the place is a no vehicle zone from 5 in the evening to early morning, so sit relax in a pollution-free environment.

Botanical Gardens

Quiet close to the railway station, this is a perfect place of the serene, peaceful walk. With around 900 different species of plants to see, the lush green environment of the site is amazing.

species of plants to see, the lush green environment of the site is amazing.

Paradise Beach

The beach of white sand looks like the Maldives. With just 20 km away, this beach is accessible with the help of boats running to and fro from Chunnambar Boat House. With the jam-packed weekends, you can see a rush of locals and tourists at the beach to enjoy a picnic.

French Quater

Who will wish to miss a walk at the amazingly stunning French Quarter or White Town Heritage Walk. With the bilingual signs and beautiful hues of colours on the doors and windows and the charming villas, a stroll at this place is blissful. The perfect picturesque location is not to miss at all.


A colonial land in India is home to some of the most amazingly build churches. You can visit either to offer your prayers and seek blessings from the almighty lord.

The best churches to visit are:

Church of our Lady of the Angels
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

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If you wish, you can also explore the places that surround Pondicherry as well.

Lets Plan The Trip

Since you are now aware of the places that you can explore, then planning out the Daywise trip is going to be surreal. So, an itinerary that can offer you to explore the city at the fullest is here.

Day1 :

Visit Paradise Beach in the morning and the Botanical Garden in the evening. Have lunch at the White Town and explore the serene beauty of the lane.

Day 2:

Enjoy at Auroville and feel the calmness and peace within. While leaving the place, if you wish you can explore Pinchavaram Mangrove forest on your way to Serenity Beach. Don’t forget to taste the delicacies at Tanto Pizzeria, Auroville.

Day 3:

Seek blessings of Lakshmi at the Shri Manakula Vinayagar Temple and explore The Promenade, Rock Beach and the Gandhi Statue. Try the lip-smacking delicacies of chocolate at Zuka and the icecream of Gelateria Montecatini Terme (GMT).

Day 4:

Explore the power of meditation at Aurobindo Ashram. Spend your time here and cleanse your inner soul. If you crave for history, you can even explore the Pondicherry Museum.

Day 5:

Try visiting Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram, two enormously beautiful places around the city. Do not forget to get world-famous Kanchivaram Sarees.

Day 6:

Explore the beautiful churches and stroll around the Fench colony in the evening. And if your better half is with you, the stroll will surely turn into a romantic walk.

Since the town is a small coastal place, getting around is affordable and accessible. An approximate of INR 1300-1500 is expected to be spent daily, which will make the trip budget-friendly as well.

Wrap Up

With so many places to explore, those mentioned above are the jewels that are not to be missed. Apart, the place offers many statues and monuments that one can pay their visit to. Nevertheless, to mention the city is one of the cleanest and finest cities of India and so try to keep your carbon traces to the least and ensure to maintain the aesthetic beauty of Ponicherry on your trip.


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